December 6, 2021

Loops and JTBDs

There is a looming consistency in how JTBDs and Loops (retention, activation, game loops, whatever) look-alike in a nutshell. In contrast with User Stories, which have no clear start (why do we call them "stories" then?), JTBDs open any job with a well-defined prologue "When …" As Loops do so starting with a user's mental model, which is going to be changed by action and feedback. Combine it with Arcs (one-cycle Loops), and you will get the idea of the story that users go through exploiting your product. It's not about using a feature to do something but about ever-changing users' mental models.

As words matter, User Stories by its wording, force teams to build features, JTBDs—to tell stories. And as all jobs start in users' heads, it makes not only developers and designers work together but the whole team (marketing, pre-onboarding, content, sales are all in the same boat).