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Witty is a iOS-app which helps people to find movies. The main pillar of that service is the search engine by which users can find a movie not only by typing titles, genres or actors but mood and situations.

Final Design and the story 👇

Final Design


Haven't you noticed how often people ask «What to watch?». In cinema groups, chats and just on parties with couple of friends (who, of course, don't know the answer). You can go on iMDB, Kinopoisk or Letterboxd, but, if be honest, these services were created for people who already know what to watch and have up to a few hundreds of movies in the watchlist. (I know it, cuz that's about me 🤷‍♂️)

The only way to solve this pesky problem is to create a service which will be able to understand exactly your situation (party? evening with you love? sad mood?).

My work is to create stories for people. So, I started with Storyframing for understanding what a user’s story is.

Based on created by Storyframing artefacts I created User Workflow...

...and then made rough Sketches of main screens.


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Fitness App, Wanna Eat! (soon), Sennheiser Website (redesign) and Telegram Calls

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